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St. Marys' Schools & Blessington Parish Fundraiser

We are delighted to announce the launch of our St. Marys' Schools and Blessington Parish fundraiser. It's a fund-raising initiative and the money raised will be used to directly support our schools and parish. You can help in a real, practical way by joining and your support is greatly appreciated.

Carmel Dillon, Principal, St. Mary's JNS

Gerry Brown, Principal, St. Mary's SNS

Fr. Richard Behan, Parish Priest, Blessington Parish



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Jane Byrne
10 Sep 2020
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Weekly Winner: John Carron
3 Sep 2020
4 5 6 26
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Weekly Winner: Deirdre Gilbride
27 Aug 2020
2 14 25 26
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Weekly Winner: Michele Lenehan

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